Libra Consulting Services Pty Ltd was set up in 1993, primarily to provide transcription services to Victoria Police. With a staff of around 30 people, we expanded our operation to also provide services to a number of other government departments, including: the Department of Human Services, Ethical Standards Department, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Office of Police Integrity.

We provided services to these organisations for over 13 years and, since then, have branched out into various legal and financial areas. We have spent many years in and around the court system: we have dealt with all the major banks and major lending institutions, as well as numerous debt collection organisations and real estate agencies.

We are now sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge with members of the public to help inform and educate them about their rights, and showing them how to exercise those rights without the need to engage expensive lawyers and/or financial advisors.

Our Managing Director, Mike Palmer, has been a life coach for over 15 years, and he assists many companies and individuals in all areas of personal and business development. To find out more about the coaching services that he provides, please visit his Success Coaching website –

Mike has worked with a number of groups including Aussie Speeding Fines – – and CLRG – – and now heads up the Know Your Rights group – – which is committed to informing and educating the general public about their rights.

As a trained negotiator, Mike Palmer is now working with Libra Consulting Services as we branch out into providing individuals and businesses with professional negotiation services. We are aware that many people struggle with phone conversations, writing letters and representing themselves in minor legal and financial matters, and many people/small businesses don’t have the funds available to engage legal and accounting professionals.

Accordingly, Libra Consulting Services is now assisting individuals in areas such as: challenging the banks – with respect to outstanding credit card debts and personal loans; general tenancy matters, and relationship negotiations, as well as working with businesses in regards to their corporate negotiation requirements.

Please note that Libra Consulting Services are not licensed financial or legal advisors and we cannot, and do not, charge for legal or financial advice. Instead, we share with your our extensive experience and expertise with the banks, courts, VCAT etc, that we have gained over the past 20 years, and we assist you in negotiating with various organisations, before legal action commences, with a view to avoiding costly, protracted legal action.

To find out more about the professional negotiation services that we offer please click the relevant link below:

Personal Negotiation – we assist you with all manner of personal negotiation services including dealing with banks, debt collectors, landlords, the ATO, etc. We can also assist with private negotiations in all areas as well – relationship breakups, purchasing cars, property, etc.

Corporate Negotiation Services – – we assist you with all types of corporate and professional negotiation services including company break ups/restructuring, joint venture deals, bulk purchasing of office equipment, closing major deals, etc.

To find out how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us and we will get straight back to you.